Garden & Nutrition


Gardening and Nutrition Program

Offering the community healthy eating options and access to locally grown produce.

Join us for a variety of gardening and nutrition classes, hands-on activities and farmers market

  •  Rooftop Garden and Farmers Market: The Edible Skyline Project offers 1,000 sq. ft. of garden beds atop our energy-efficient building.  Our garden beds are tended by clients, staff, and volunteers.  Produce and fresh herbs are grown in accordance with USDA organic standards. Check the Farmer's market dates here.
  • Garden Education: Using our rooftop garden space, hands-on workshops are given on a variety of garden topics from backyard gardening and container gardening to keeping an herb garden through the winter and crop-specific workshops.
  • Collaboration and Policy Change for a Strong Local Food System: CORE/El Centro partners with a number of other organizations and initiatives, including the Milwaukee Food Council and the Southside EAT Coalition, inspiring healthy food choices and behaviors by enhancing the food environment and celebrating the diversity of Milwaukee's south side. 
  • Cooking Classes: Focused on showing how small changes in one’s lifestyle and/or cooking habits can make large differences in health outcomes, classes are offered throughout the year, offering hands-on experience in food preparation and cooking techniques. 
  • Children’s Wellness: Through our children’s wellness program, we are educating the next generation on the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables and giving them opportunities on the rooftop garden to plant and enjoy their own harvests.  By planting vegetables in the garden, watching them grow, and enjoying the sweet rewards we help to connect children to Earth, each other, and their health. 
  • TOPS Weight Management Program in Spanish

For more information about Garden and Nutrition programming, kid's classes and summer camp programs, please contact Stephanie Calloway, Garden and Nutrition Coordinator, 414-225-4267 or 

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