Volunteer With CORE EL Centro


One with the spirit of the staff, CORE El Centro volunteers help in the creation of a welcoming atmosphere of community where all are giving, receiving, and healing. Persons volunteer their time and skills for any number of reasons, but many are seeking experiences to grow personally and/or professionally in an accepting, diverse, non-judgmental, peace-filled setting. While some hear about CORE by word-of-mouth, others, because they personally experienced wonderful benefits from the services they’ve received as clients, decide to express their gratitude by giving back to CORE as a volunteer. Regardless of how a volunteer has come to know CORE, in committing themselves as a volunteer, they become part of CORE’s mission which is to create access to natural healing services for all individuals, regardless of their incomes.

There is a wide variety of ways and amounts of time to volunteer and each is important to CORE’s ministry.


In volunteering one’s services at CORE, the person opens oneself to all the possibilities that exist in a community that is working towards holistic transformation. Along with the skills being volunteered, being part of the CORE community means learning, growing, sharing information, developing friendships, networking, exchanging languages and cultures, breaking down racial, economic, and cultural barriers, and tapping into one’s own healing potential.

Interesting facts about CORE’s volunteers:

  • Approximately $400,000 worth of services is volunteered at CORE every year

  • At any given time, we have 100-120 regular volunteers (weekly or bi-weekly). Including for special events, CORE has about 175-200 volunteers in a year

  • Volunteers are asked to make a minimum of a three month commitment (six months for practitioners).

  • About 30 volunteers have had a regular commitment for more than three years.

  • In addition to individual volunteers, CORE works with volunteers from sites such as Marquette University, UWM University, Alverno College, Carmen High School, Homestead High, The Non-Profit Center of Milwaukee, Professional Dimensions, and more.

Volunteering at CORE El Centro is a wonderful way to meet new people, participate in healthy fun activities, and contribute toward creating healthy changes in ourselves and our world.  If you'd like to join us, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Mira Hoffman or call her at 414-225-4263 to arrange a tour and introduction to CORE El Centro.