Wish List


CORE El Centro’s Wish List:

• Herbal Tea

• SPSS statistical program for outcomes

• Tablets

• Chairs

• Meditation cushions

• Twin sheets

• Body Pillows

• Pillow cases

• Blankets

• Outdoor water fountain (solar or electric)

• 2 iPads

• Multi-compartment backpack wheeled rolling backpack

• Large skillet with lid

• Set of baking pans

• Set of mixing bowls

• Garden shed

• Large pots for rooftop plants/trees

• Dwarf lilac trees

• Rose plants (trees, bushes, or vining)

• Wire arbor forms

• Garden furniture

• Water fountain

• Columnar apple trees or other compact fruit trees

If you would like to donate any of these items to CORE El Centro, or any items that you think CORE El Centro could find useful, please contact Samantha Sanchez at 414-225-4276 or samanthas@core-elcentro.org or drop off at CORE El Centro.