Real Stories of Healing

CORE El Centro is a place where people from all social, ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds gather together with love and healing energy. In its years of existence, CORE has served thousands of individuals, each who have be touched in a different way. Here is a video of touching stories that inspire us each day to what we do.

...the truth is that this is the best and most natural way to relieve stress. It's a gift, because when people open up, no matter what their problems are ...they've come to the right place.

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...this is a very special place. The people are so very kind, so human...I began to feel better and see the world with other colors. ”

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I feel like my whole inner self has changed...I can see a lot of good alternatives and reasons to feel good about myself.

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I've gained more confidence and had the opportunity to open up in ways that I never thought I could. And that has opened my mind to many different possibilities.

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Thanks to CORE/El Centro, I'm getting my life back...This program gives me something I can look forward to and it's also saving my life.

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Thanks to CORE/El Centro I’m doing much better with my health, I had back surgeries,  I took opioid medications for pain relief and I became addicted to them, thanks to the acupuncture and yoga I’m free of my addictions and no more medications, I’m happy person now ”