Partnering with us


Partnering with CORE EL Centro

CORE El Centro has developed multiple relationships and partnerships to expand our reach and provide healing to underserved communities.

Community Health: To better serve the communities’ health and have a strong commitment to the Latino community. We also strive to ensure job availabilities to those who are in need of a job.

Schools: We work closely with schools like St. Catherine’s, St Joan Antida, St Joseph academy to educate children around our community about the importance of health. We started this program as an extension of children’s and to create a positive wellness of children. When we visit these schools, it gives the children a safe way to express emotions with the use of our services such as nutrition classes, essential oil classes, mindful Monday and yoga.

Proyecto salud: Trained on proyecto salud, recycling, and the goal is to make the environment safer.

Nonprofits: We collaborate with other nonprofits to serve the needs of our community and to give them more resources when people are in need of jobs, or want more information or other health resources.

Healthcare systems: We are connected with Wheaton St Francis hospital to lower the overuse of the emergency room by connecting people with a community health worker and help them find resources for them or simply connect them to a clinic or doctor.

Some of our partnerships include:

  • Aurora Walker’s Point Clinic provides and refers some of its patients who are committed to incorporating movement into their weekly routines one-on-one therapy sessions and, additionally, a pass to CORE’s movement classes
  • Wheaton Franciscan’s “Angel of Hope”refers certain of their clients and provides money for them to access CORE’s one-on-one therapy services.
  • The Healing Center has a voucher system set up for some clients to access CORE’s services.
  • Sojourner Truth - has provided space in their building for CORE to provide massage and acupuncture for their Sojourner Truth clients
  • Common Ground- provides a one-time voucher to CORE’s services for some of their clients.

If you are interested in developing a partnership with CORE El Centro please contact KeleMarie Lyons.