Foundation / Family Support



People with family funds and people staffing foundations are very conscientious about where they invest their resources. That is why CORE El Centro is a place they trust, knowing that the funds they give will be used directly for client programs and services, increasing the number of low-income, uninsured clients on the waiting lists who can then access services. People donating to CORE El Centro know that they are having a direct impact on the health of Milwaukee, especially in the Latino immigrant community.


“ "The EveryDayGood Foundation is proud to be supporting the work of CORE El Centro.  The foundation’s mission is to help people live their healthiest and highest quality of life.  This so perfectly describes the purpose of CORE El Centro as well.  It is important that every person in our community has the opportunity to receive healing in a safe, trusting, supportive environment.”  ”

- Nan Gardetto. The EveryDayGood Foundation, Inc.

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