Endowment Fund


CORE El Centro’s Endowment Fund


We’re looking forward to the future . . . and we have big plans!

Why did CORE establish an endowment fund?

A generous friend, Nan Gardetto, saw the promise of CORE and thought it should be assured for the future. She donated a significant amount of money to establish an endowment fund. Additional gifts to the Endowment Fund have brought it to over $200,000 at this point.

What is an endowment fund?

It is an investment fund that retains its principal and annually pays out only a small portion of earnings, earmarked for operations. A gift to the endowment fund is made during one’s lifetime.

How is this different from the CORE El Centro Torch Society?

As part of their estate plan, members of the Torch Society make a commitment of funds to CORE El Centro to be paid out upon their death.

What are possible sources for a gift to the endowment fund?

Here are some tax advantaged sources one can consider

• appreciated assets

• charitable trusts

• required IRA distributions

• if one receives an inheritance, honoring the memory of the giver is a meaningful gesture

How do I make a contribution to the endowment fund?

Contact Pat Bogenschuetz at CORE either by email or phone. She will arrange to meet with you. Her email is patb@core-elcentro.org and her phone number is 414-225-4260.

Thank you for your interest in the CORE El Centro endowment fund!

Above is a 3 minute video that includes clients of CORE El Centro sharing their stories, and how CORE has helped them.