Children's Wellness


Children’s Wellness

Summer Camp 2015 was buzzing with excitement!

Listening to how persons were longing to join CORE’s exercise classes and/or have integrative health treatments, but were realizing that to do so would require finding affordable, accessible, and safe child care for their children while they had services, CORE responded by establishing a Children’s Wellness Program that would incorporate the same kinds of life skills for the children that the parents desired for themselves. They wished their children could be taught such things as how to be healthy, confident, etc. individuals.

Mission of Children’s Wellness Program:
To provide health education, healing therapies, and movement classes for children to improve their emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being, enrich relationships and care for their environment

The Children’s Wellness Program aims to:

  • Improve the health of children by increasing physical activity and teaching proper nutrition

  • Build healthy relationships through collaborative and creative activities

  • Teach children stress management, emotional awareness, and self-care techniques on order to understand and navigate their emotions

The Children’s Wellness Program consists of the following: 

  • Children’s Activities Room- to provide enriching, mission-oriented and safe care for youths while their parents receive integrative health treatments and/or attend movement classes or programs

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And these bilingual classes:

  • Child focused cooking

  • Capoeira

  • Ballet

  • Nia and Art

  • Kids’ Camp


Distraught because my 7-year-old son was sad and depressed, I brought him to CORE/El Centro. Since his best friend had moved back to Mexico, he was anxious, had no energy and was not sleeping well. The professionals at CORE/El Centro suggested Reiki since it is good for anxiety and depression. After three sessions, he was feeling better, was sleeping through the night, was not as sad and was able to function better at school. Not only was my son happier and more peaceful, I also was able to be more relaxed and joy-filled.
— Client