Cooking and Herbalism Instructor

Learn more about Angela Kingsawan; CORE's herbalist, gardener and cooking classes instructor.


Angela Kingsawan


Herbalist, Yoga Therapist and More...

Angela has Tigua, Tarahumara, Mexican and Irish descent. This background has given her the opportunity to learn many cultural herbal and gardening ways from family elders through her life.

She has also taken online herbal courses from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) and attended herbal workshops and conferences through many different states in US. Angela has actively been practicing herbalism for her community and family since 1994, after her first daughter was born with many environmental and medication allergies.

Angela enjoys working extensively in the Native American community which allows her to express her spirituality and deep respect for the natural world. She grows her own herbs to create all natural body care, cleaning products, teas, and herbal medicines.