About Integrative Health and Wellness


About Integrative Health and Wellness


With good health being the linchpin in our lives, but too often facing health issues that threaten our long term viability, this program addresses health issues by offering a wellness plan of natural healing practices and wholistic exercise. The founders of CORE El Centro realized that they could not only provide this melding by introducing the natural-healing modalities segment, but they could also pursue their dream of making holistic treatment available to persons of all financial means. As a result, and keeping in mind CORE’s threefold mission of providing access, building community,  and inspiring to wholeness, CORE developed an Integrative Health Program that:

  • Reduces healthcare disparities by increasing the number of individuals and families who can access natural healing services and subsidized care. CORE provides

    • Payment on a sliding fee scale

    • Interpreters

  • Provides an innovative healthcare option that is integrative and wholistic and thus creating a paradigm shift for both individual and communal change

  • Saves money for healthcare systems, insurance companies, and employers as fewer individuals need care in emergency rooms, urgent care centers, and hospitals

It was in the fulfilling of this dream that CORE began by first offering massage and reiki, and then expanded its integrative health and wellness services, programs.

The initial target population was the Hispanic population living on the near south side of Milwaukee where CORE then established its ministry. CORE became a safe haven where the population’s sense of isolation became a space where individuals came to know community. Chronic ailments no longer needed to be accepted as the norm to carry around within a person for a lifetime. Total respect, acceptance, and caring service were the real norm. The results of years of trauma of every sort that had taken a toll would be recognized as an underlying cause of persistent chronic pain, etc. Individual interviews and health assessments were the foundation of each client’s healing plan (integrative health plan). The plan mapped out the holistic services each client would follow. It would include one or several of the healing therapies listed above. The integrative treatment plan provided balance for each individual.

Current Integrative Health and Wellness

Following the same procedure of client program integration and the same healing therapies listed above, clients continue to have a chance to become healthy, and maintain healthy lives. Health Navigators have been incorporated into the Integrative Health team for clients who stumble onto roadblocks that prevent them from completing their health plans. Health Navigators do follow-up with these clients to learn the client’s personal problems and hurdles, direct them to appropriate places to get the help they need, and, in the process, get them back on track to complete their health plans.

Soon, in collaboration with the Garden and Nutrition Program, cooking classes for cancer survivors and those presently in the throes of treatment will be offered so that the participants can learn which foods can aid in recovering, help with circulation, inflammation, etc.


The Integrative Health Services partners with:

·        Aurora Walker’s Point Clinic

·        The Healing Center

·        Wheaton Franciscan’s “Angel of Hope”

·        Sojourner Truth

·        Common Ground

CORE El Centro's Integrative Health and Wellness program is supported by the Catholic Community Foundation