About Us


About CORE El Centro

We are a non-profit organization offering affordable natural healing and wellness services in Spanish and English.

Located in Walker's Point on Milwaukee's south side, CORE El Centro serves adults and children of all income levels. We offer integrative healing services such as acupuncture, massage therapy and body work; gardening and nutrition programs; children's wellness; social change through community health advocacy; and movement classes. Our goal is to inspire individuals, families and communities to achieve optimal health. 

Date Opened:  January 2, 2002

Clients Served:  In 2018, CORE El Centro provided services and education to 7,500 individuals with more than 22,000 service hours.

The populations being served by CORE El Centro include persons who have limited access if any to health care because of factors such as income, language or cultural barriers. 74% identify as Latino.  The age range is 3 - 84 with an average age of 43.  74% are women.

Among the health care concerns of our clients are rates of depression that are three times the national average, as well as high rates of obesity, hypertension and diabetes.  Of the clients who completed pre- and post-assessments, prior to services 54% of participants report four or more chronic health conditions and 47% reported 4 or more conditions after services.  CORE El Centro’s services are provided on a sliding fee scale, and about 90% of CORE El Centro’s clientele is subsidized.

Conditions that were reported to change significantly in 2018 included:  more energy, more vibrant senses, ability to focus, letting go of the past, hope, and less depression

Services Offered: CORE El Centro provides another healthcare option by offering a wholistic combination of health promotion, wellness, stress management and integrative healing resources such as acupuncture, massage, energy work and wholistic exercise classes to low-income communities.  Our culturally competent services are family-oriented and are offered in both Spanish and English. 

The average fee paid is $18.07 for a $65 treatment and $16.76 for a $35 monthly exercise pass. 

Health Outcomes:

  • Significant changes reported by participants (p < 0.05) are:

    • Increased energy level, more social participation, better general health

    • Decreased headaches, decreased stress and less pain

    • Increased sense of happiness

  • Slightly less significant changes reported by participants with p < .10 are:

    • Increased ability to focus, increased ability to cope

    • More comfort with their body, increased ability to listen to their body

  • Changes nearing significance:

    • Decreased anxiety and depression

    • Fewer reported health conditions

Community Support: The above achievements are possible because of our strong volunteer base.  Licensed professionals, such as acupuncturists, massage therapists and Yoga instructors, volunteer their services so that we can create access to healing for more people.   Volunteers serve in many capacities such as marketing, communications, accounting, graphic design, fund development and law.  In 2016 volunteers provided over $450,000 of in-kind services, which equals 38% of our budget.  The support of local foundations, individual donors, religious congregations, businesses and client fees are crucial to our programming.  We have a sliding fee scale that is based on income and number of dependents.