About Us

A Note From Our Founders

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Thank you for being a witness to our work.  Who we are and what we do follow the theme of transformation, growth and change.  The Center is a healing place where transformation of the body, mind and spirit occurs daily. All individuals regardless of economic status have an opportunity to experience natural healing therapies that address imbalances in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s being. We believe that as the individual heals, the family and the community are also impacted and changed. 

In our everyday work to create change in the health of the community, we have witnessed healing that words are inadequate to describe.  These healing stories give us the energy and the inspiration to invite all people to partner with us as we respond to the healing needs of our broken world.  

We welcome you to journey with us into the heartbeat of CORE/El Centro to learn more about us and to envision ways we can learn from one another to further strengthen our communities of caring.  

In Gratitude and Partnership, 

Madeline Gianforte, CSA and Jayne Ader

Co-Founders of CORE/El Centro