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Core is a unique organization that separates us from other health clinics in Milwaukee. CORE/El Centro’s mission is focused on providing natural healing therapies for the low income community, which makes our services accessible to anyone that has a need. Your donation to this organization will not only impact the organization, but it is directly impacting the lives of our clients. 

We want our organization to be known to the community as a safe place to heal from our past experiences. These donations allow CORE/El Centro to continue to lead our patients to their journey of healing. 

Announcing CORE/El Centro's GEM Club!

The CORE of your being is GENEROSITY and HOPE. Go to the CORE & consider becoming a member of the GEM Club and "Be a GEM" for CORE/El Centro. You select how much you give and it's automatically deducted from your account, or automatically charged to your credit card.

With a $20 a month/$240 annual donation you are making it possible for a family of five to access healing treatments, receive health and nutrition education and enjoy wholistic exercise classes together.

  • If 250 people gave $20/month, CORE would receive $60,000 for CORE/El Centro's Mission
  • If 250 people gave $14/month, CORE would receive $42,000 for CORE/El Centro's Mission

 As a GEM Club member you will receive:                                                      

  • At $14 Healing Level: CORE/El Centro hot/cold mug           
  • At $20 Wellness Level: CORE/El Centro mug plus 20% off any one-on-one Natural Health Therapy and one monthly play pass at CORE/El Centro
  • At $50 or more Transformation Level: All the above plus a FREE massage at CORE/El Centro

Care for Earth with paper-free monthly giving!

To join the GEM Club, go to our automatic withdrawal form, complete and sign the form, and mail it to the address on the form.

Other ways your financial contribution can be made: By check or credit card via the donate now button above.  

Giving to CORE/El Centro made easy!

CORE/El Centro makes it easy and effortless to give. Financial gifts support low-income or marginalized individuals:

  • $25.00 provides five low-income women a month of unlimited wholistic exercise classes and a chance to form a supportive community.
  • $60.00 gives a year of unlimited movement classes and the joy of empowerment to one person who without CORE/El Centro would not have access to wholistic exercise classes.
  • $110.00 means the healing gift of massage therapy is available to 10 low income members of our community who are recovering from trauma.
  • $120.00 offers eight little girls the confidence to soar like a swan in our children’s ballet classes.
  • $160.00 affords 8 sessions of acupuncture to an individual dealing with cancer.
  • $220.00 provides 20 Reiki sessions to children transitioning to a new life.

Other ways you can support CORE/El Centro:

  • Corporate Matching Gifts:Your employer may double or triple your gift to CORE/El Centro. Ask your Human Resource Department for details.
  • Planned Gifts: As you make your estate plans, please consider a bequest or a planned giving of cash, stocks or real estate to CORE/El Centro.