Programs Overview




CORE/El Centro offers a wide range of natural healing services for individuals, weaving aliveness, compassion, respect and joy into all of its programming.  We believe that health is a celebration for all to enjoy and invite people to participate in our programming in order to reconnect with their own wholistic wisdom and take charge of their health and wellness.

Our network of integrative services offers the ingredients of health for the body, mind, emotions and spirit, allowing CORE/El Centro to address a variety of populations with different needs.  Offerings are evaluated throughout the year to assure that the needs of the individuals as well as the broader community are met and are changing and expanding as needs of individuals and the community change.

As an individual’s overall health increases, the health of their families, local, national and international communities increases as well.  We believe that gathering people from all income levels, cultures, beliefs and body types positively affects both the reduction of isolation and the formation of community.