Mujeres con Poder

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Mujeres con Poder

Latina women are leading community recycling in their neighborhoods.

Knowing that walking is such a healthy activity, but not wanting to walk in areas that were garbage - littered and inhabited by garbage attracting critters, the women were not walking of being physically active outside. The lack of activity was leading to unhealthy weight gain. As a result, a group of women who are now known as Mujeres con Poder (Women with Power), talked about initiating composting and recycling to encourage clean neighborhoods that would be inviting to walk in.

These visionary, health-conscious, and enthusiastic women, supported exclusively by grants, were able to obtain additional recycle bins from the city, attend health fairs where they could get the word out, and stand outside grocery stores such as El Rey and Pete’s Market and hand out canvas bags and recycle bins.

This initiative is not only changing neighborhoods into healthier and more pleasant looking places to live and be active, it has helped these women gain self-confidence and leadership. To date, these women have registered 91 recycle bins for the south side which, once fully utilized will be an additional 30,000 pounds of garbage diverted to recycling per year.