Integrative Health


Integrative Health


Health is an important aspect of all of our lives.  Unfortunately many of us are faced with health issues that threaten our long term viability.  Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, bells palsy and obesity can present challenges in life. This program addresses these health issues by offering people a wellness plan that integrates conventional medical care with natural healing practices and wholistic exercise.

The Integrative Health Program:

  • Provides an innovative healthcare option that is integrative and wholistic creating a paradigm shift for individual and communal change.
  • Saves money for healthcare systems, insurance companies and employers as fewer individuals will need care in emergency rooms, urgent care centers and hospitals.
  • Reduces healthcare disparities by increasing the number of individuals and families who can access natural healing services and subsidized care.

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I came to CORE/El Centro from the Walker’s Point Community Clinic. I was having problems with my back and with high blood pressure. They recommended that I take classes at CORE/El Centro. What an incredible help CORE/El Centro has been to me! At first I didn’t believe that taking these classes was going to help, but after a year and a half, I have seen the results. Now my high blood pressure is normal and slowly the back pain went away. At first I couldn’t even tie my shoes and now I am able to do so many more things that used to be so burdensome for me. Doing Yoga and Capoeira has helped me so much.
— Client