What do you mean by Natural Healing?
We believe that the human body (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) has an innate wisdom and can ultimately heal itself if given the tools to do so. The tools that we find helpful in the healing process are natural healing therapies such as acupuncture, massage, energy work and wholistic exercise.

How do these therapies work?
These therapies provide the human body the experience of balance and energy thus creating a less stressful and more peaceful life. The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75 to 90 percent of all visits to healthcare providers result from stress-related disorders. Many people believe that the services we provide are a luxury; we believe they are a necessity if we are to live healthy lives. Click on services to read about the services we offer.

What Impact are you making on the Milwaukee Community?
We are addressing healthcare disparities by providing another healthcare option to all income levels with a special emphasis on those who are of low-income or those who are marginalized. We are providing a space for people of all income levels to gather to form community, break down barriers of social isolation and ethnic, racial and cultural separation. We have developed, in collaboration with an on-site free medical clinic, an integrative health model that incorporates allopathic medicine, natural healing modalities and physical activity in order to enable self healing as well as prevention of illness and complications from chronic conditions.

What population do you serve?
We serve all people, adults and children. What separates us from other wellness/natural healing centers is that our mission is to make our services available to do those who ordinarily would not have access because of financial constraints. All of our services are offered on a sliding fee schedule, based on income and number of dependents. 

What does CORE/El Centro mean?
CORE/El Centro has a two-layer meaning. It is a bilingual name honoring and respecting the primary community that we serve. CORE is an acronym for Creative Opportunities for Rebirthing Energy. CORE also means depth and the center of our being. El Centro means the center. We believe that the services we provide allow people to tap the deep wisdom that lies in the center of their being thus creating healing on many levels.

When you say you are about creating access, building community and inspiring to wholeness, what does that mean?
Creating access means finding a way to serve all people. Building community means we recognize that disease often occurs because people feel isolated and healing happens because of connection. Part of our mission is to help people form community through the healing process. Inspiring to wholeness means we invite all people to follow their passion and to tap the wisdom that lies deep within. We believe that as an individual heals, the family, community and ultimately the world heal.

How long have you been in existence?
We opened our doors January 1, 2002. In 2015 we served over 5,000 people, 80% of whom were at or below the poverty level.