Children's Wellness


Children’s Wellness

Summer Camp 2015 was buzzing with excitement!

The Children’s Wellness Program provides safe and creative avenues for children to explore what it means to be whole healthy beings.   Children learn to connect their emotions, body, mind and spirit through a variety of activities.  Through play in the Child Activities space, creative dance in the movement space and individual therapies such as Reiki, massage and acupuncture children experience health.  They engage in positive relational skills, develop a sense of community, learn how to handle emotions with wholistic exercise, gain an understanding of the impact of individual therapies and incorporate all of this into a new definition of a normal healthy lifestyle.  

This program allows the family to create health from a multi-generational perspective.  Grandparents, parents and aunts/uncles are relearning health in the wholistic exercise program while children are forming their own healthy perspectives in the Children’s Wellness Program. 

Children who have participated in this program report feeling less anxious, safer, more relaxed and less angry.  Children experience a release of traumatic memories, normalized bowel movements, deeper sleep without nightmares, less incidence of trouble at school, increased focus and a greater sense of joy.

The Children’s Wellness Program receives widespread support because:

  • It addresses the urgency of the childhood obesity epidemic
  • It systemically changes generational attitudes toward health and wellness
  • It paves the way to a healthier future for families

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Distraught because my 7-year-old son was sad and depressed, I brought him to CORE/El Centro. Since his best friend had moved back to Mexico, he was anxious, had no energy and was not sleeping well. The professionals at CORE/El Centro suggested Reiki since it is good for anxiety and depression. After three sessions, he was feeling better, was sleeping through the night, was not as sad and was able to function better at school. Not only was my son happier and more peaceful, I also was able to be more relaxed and joy-filled.
— Client